If you regularly drive on the road, you probably experience issues with debris and mud, especially if you’re accompanied by trucks and passenger buses on a busy highway. In this situation, you need mud flaps or splash guards installed in your vehicle. These are essential vehicle accessories installed in combination with vehicle fenders, used to protect passengers, pedestrians, and other cars from mud and flying debris thrown into the air by rolling tires.

What’s the Difference Between Mud Flaps and Splash Guards

Mud flaps and splash guards have the same function, which prevents debris, nud or stones causing damage to the surroundings. These are used in large vehicles such as trailer trucks and passenger buses. However, they can also be used in small vehicles, significantly if nearby drivers may get injured due to inclement weather. Mud flaps are often used in passenger cars and smaller trucks, while splash guards are installed in larger trucks.


Mud flaps and splash guards come in different sizes depending on the tire size of the vehicle. The size of the accessories will also determine which type of vehicle you can install them on. If you use 18X24 splash, you can install this on SUVs and cars because the tires are smaller. Twenty-four by thirty splash guards may be applicable for larger flatbeds or pickup trucks.

If you have a truck with dual rear wheels, it is advisable to use a 24X30 splash size for better protection. If possible, avoid using mud flaps smaller than the suggested 18X24 to lower the risk of an accident. In addition to standard sizing, some designers offer custom sizing, like My Mudflats, so that you can get the appropriate coverage your vehicle needs.

Thickness is also an essential factor in mud flap design which is expressed as inches or gauge. Thicker splash guards are what you should install if you’re driving under extreme weather or along with rough road conditions. If you’re driving larger vehicles such as trailer trucks and recreational vehicles, a much thicker mud flap is what you should use to achieve optimum protection.


The majority of mud flaps and splash guards are available in plastic and rubber materials. Plastic is ideal for smaller cars because it can hold up road debris under normal road conditions and excessive moisture, making this option more affordable. On the other hand, Rubber splash guards are more suitable for large vehicles due to their ability to bend under pressure. Rubber splash guards are often used in areas with harsh road environments or uneven soil terrain.

Steel is not an appropriate material for this purpose due to a lack of flexibility under extreme pressure. Your tires can break when they come in direct contact with steel.


Colors for mud flaps and splash guards are entirely customizable. Business owners, for example, can customize their vehicle accessories as advertising campaign material. Many splash designers can produce the exact design you want that suits your personality. But color customization depends on material specifications and availability, particularly rubber materials.

Are Splash Guards or Mud Flaps Worth it?

Although there’s still an additional cost on your part, it’s generally suggested to install mud flaps or splash guards to secure pedestrians, nearby vehicles, and fellow drivers against road debris and air contaminants. Select a suitable protective accessory based on the size of your tires. Your tires need to have ample coverage in terms of width to catch those flying debris and dirt. If you prefer custom sizing, try to achieve at least 60% coverage for optimum protection.

Despite its numerous benefits, there are also possible drawbacks to using mud flaps and splash guards. These vehicle accessories are subject to normal wear and tear, and if you travel frequently, they will deteriorate quickly. In some instances, the splash may be dislodged when you collide with another vehicle or if your vehicle hits a concrete structure. Road experts suggest having them carefully inspected before traveling to avoid potential hazards on the road.

It’s not easy to find a reliable mud flap designer who can produce the design you want. However, our experts from My Mudflats can deliver your custom logo for your company vehicle. We can produce what will be the actual mud flap or splash guard in just a few days. Additionally, you can be sure that our vehicle accessories will last for many years.

When you contact us, we will show you the options you can choose from. You can select your desired color and logo design from our selection. Alternatively, if you don’t choose, we can make a personalized stamp logo exclusively for your vehicle.

Installing mud flaps or splash guards will help prevent your vehicle from hurting pedestrians and other drivers while protecting your work equipment from weather dangers. Not only that, these essential accessories can help make your vehicle stand out.